Exclusive Pure Silver Gemstone Jewelry

Symes Design Is A Leader In Silver And Gemstone Jewelry Design. Experience The Luxury Of Expertly Forged Sterling And 99% Pure Silver Necklaces And Earrings.

  • These opulent works of art are anything but basic.
  • They can be worn solo or layered together for a head-turning statement.
  • High quality gemstones bring class and personality to your wardrobe.
  • Gemstones add natural beauty to your personal style.
  • Wearable art will last for generations and rarely goes out of style.
  • Feel like the sexy girl you are with noticeably different pure silver pendants and earrings.
  • Enjoy the status of eco-friendly handcrafted fine silver jewelry.
  • Value conscious women will appreciate the sales and discount opportunities.
  • Supplies are limited as some stones are rare and cannot be easily sourced.

Surround yourself with wearable art that has purpose and meaning. Expertly designed collections made from silver and gemstones combine for an easy to put-together look.

Simple and modern fashion essentials. Browse our jewelry collections today. Elevate your wardrobe with high quality gemstones perfectly set in sterling or 99% pure silver.