Spiral Wire Jewelry

Each piece in our spiral wire jewelry collection is fashioned by hand for the girl who loves artisan quality. A hammer work hardens the wire into a durable pendant or earrings that are designed to impress. Some pieces are accented with natural gemstones while others are a simple spiral and swirl.

The spiral and swirl design is a symbol that represents the flowing river of life with its constant twists and turns as our consciousness evolves into enlightenment.

The humble spiral is believed to be the oldest symbol used in spiritual practices. As the universal pattern of growth and transformation, it is found in plants, minerals, energy patterns, weather, growth and death.

  • Perfect when layered with other pieces.
  • Reward yourself with a boost of confidence.
  • Enjoy your handmade treasure for many years.
  • Very light and comfortable to wear.
  • Your gorgeous gift will be appreciated and so will you.

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