Everyone who purchases my minimalist silver  gemstone jewelry, knows they are getting an authentic, handmade work of art worthy of the most beautiful fashion model.

Before I created Symes Design, I worked at a demanding job where I was expected to look elegant and well-dressed amid the frenzy of deadlines and office politics.

Then one day I was running late for work and arrived a bit ruffled. My boss was very disappointed. That’s when I decided to create a more efficient morning routine.

A big part of that was finding elegant, inexpensive easy to wear jewelry that was quick to put on and looked like a million dollars.

As I shopped around, I found that even the simplest base metal jewelry could cost close to a $100 per piece.

I was concerned that if I tried to make my own jewelry it would not be up to snuff in quality and design. But then I enjoyed the design and creation process so much, I just decided to plow ahead and see what happened.

It turned out to be more complex than I imagined but after two years of studying design principles, color coordination, uses of texture and researching high quality wholesale suppliers, I finally decided to embark on a new journey and start a business designing and creating a line of minimalist silver gemstone jewelry for women who want to look beautiful and well qualified for any job.

Every piece of minimalist jewelry in my online store is custom designed by me and will make you look and feel beautiful and professional, not to mention very sexy.